Essential Initiative To Reinstate Amazon Suspension for late shipment

Frustrated from Amazon suspending your seller account just because the shipment reached the client late? We know it wasn’t in your hand, but Amazon requires a solution from you. Well, we are here to assist. Go through this article till the end to deal with Amazon Suspension For Late Shipment.

Reasons Behind Amazon Suspension For Late Shipment

The major causes for most late shipment suspensions for an Amazon Seller are:

Couriers Issues

Occasionally the couriers get lost for a while or delayed, ending up extending the time of delivery of the product.

Suppliers Issues

For well-known products suppliers often run out of stock causing an issue in meeting the demand, particularly if providing drop shipping.

Staff Issues

Even the shipping employees can cause an Amazon suspension if they aren’t trained appropriately or fail to follow the company protocol of delivering packages.

Natural Reasons

There are a few causes which are out of anyone’s hands such as workers’ strikes, bad weather, political issues, etc.

We understand that the majority of these issues are not your fault as an Amazon seller, but the point of contact for Amazon is you. Thus they expect you to fix these issues.

Bad Impacts of Amazon Late Shipment:

There are several negative impacts of Amazon Suspension for late shipment. Few of them are:

  1. It increases customer dissatisfaction.
  2. People lose trust because of it.
  3. Work-loss.

How to get rid of Late Shipment Rate Amazon?

Ironically, the only thing you can do to get rid of the Late Shipment Rate is to begin delivering and shipping on time. Here are the strategy on how you can do so –

These were the tips you must follow to prevent a Late Shipment Rate deactivation. However, if your account already suspend, you’re required to follow a different set of instructions.

Amazon Suspension for late shipment

What Can One Do Against Late Shipment Complaints?

Amazon has a maximum 4% tolerance rate on late shipment. Thus, anything more than 4% will end your Amazon seller account in suspension, then start a long tug of war between you and the Amazon’s seller account reviewing team.

Amiwap minimises the time and energy spent behind this tug of war by a significant amount. Thus, the frustrating email exchanges and miscommunications which would cost you business worth of 3-5 weeks would resolve by us in the matter of 48-72 hours.

Tips to create Amazon Late Shipment Appeal

You will require to make a strong plan of action to guarantee Amazon that the mistake will not repeat in the future. After that you may proceed with the following steps:

  1. Your first initiative must be to find out the root cost which exactly caused the seller suspension:

Thus keep checking the business strategy and try to evaluate the possible causes which might lead to sudden scenarios.

  1. Secondly, move forward to focus on the initiative which you are going to pick to deal with a complaint:

You required to consider if you have taken the initiative to refund the money to customers.

  1. Now guarantee Amazon that you are going to adopt the proven steps to manage the customerís inconvenience.

You may do this by providing an explanatory statement connected with the change of the business practice.

Why Choose Amiwap to reinstate Amazon Suspension for late shipment

It is very annoying to get your Amazon seller account suspended, more so if it’s not even the seller’s fault. We know this more than anybody as we work with the sellers facing this issue day and night.

We believe in leveling the play field for the sellers with the entire skills and knowledge we have about Amazon’s reviewing system. As a company founded by earlier Amazon sellers as well as former members of Amazon’s reviewing team, we understand the procedure and significance of getting seller accounts reinstated fast!

We have the resources which can analyze and pinpoint the exact cause of your suspension and also the skills to make the perfect appeal to Amazon which will get your Account reinstated within no time.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

  1. Q) How do I appeal an Amazon Late Shipment Suspension?
  2. You can either submit your appeal through email or via Seller Central depending upon how many times you have appealed.
  3. Q) How much time does it take Amazon to answer to an Amazon suspension prevention? 
  4. Amazon usually answers within 24 hours although when they are busy it can take up to 3 days.
  5. Q) How long does it take to reinstate my Amazon seller account? 
  6. Accounts are basically reinstated within 24 hours for Late Shipment suspensions.
  7. Q) Why did my Amazon Seller account get suspended?
  8. Amazon’s policy states that “If we find that you have tried to manipulate reviews or violated our guidelines in any other way, we may instantly suspend or terminate your Amazon privileges, remove reviews, and delist related products.
  9. Q) What is Amazon’s late shipment rate? 
  10. Late Shipment Rate (LSR) is the percentage of entire orders within the last 7 days which were ship out late. A shipment consider late if it’s shipped after the shipping date shown in your order details.