Amazon Suspension Appeal Letter to Reinstate Account

Let Our Professionals Handle Your Account Suspension and Regain Your Selling Privileges

Amazon is home to millions of businesses worldwide. Your business is also the one among them which sells goods through the platform. After investing efforts, time and resources, your business is paying back. You are converting visitors into sales and making lots of profits.

One fine day, you open your account and see an email from Amazon with the headline – ‘Your selling privileges have been removed.’

Amazon has suspended your seller account and restrained you from continuing your business on its platform. What would you do?

Amazon Suspension Appeal

Amiwap, an e-commerce appeal consulting firm, has a solution for your issue that is the only way to lift your suspension. Our Amazon account suspension professionals are well-versed to have formal communication with their team. We know what Amazon wants to hear, and we provide it exactly that to reinstate your selling rights on the platform.

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What To Do If Your Amazon Seller Account Suspended?

Suspension of Amazon seller accounts can bring the best of the businesses to an instant halt. It is because until Amazon reinstates your seller account, none of your disbursements can go out. For a temporary period, you may require to stop the buying operations as well or continue them at your own expense.

Thus, sellers panic when they find out that their Amazon account is suspended. They respond to the Amazon team in haste without thinking thoroughly about it. Keep in mind that doing so can make the matter bad.

Amazon Suspended My Account

Before we proceed ahead, you must know what suspension means and what else can Amazon do?

Amazon account suspension refrains you from exercising your selling rights. However, you can still get back on the selling platform. You have a chance to appeal to their experts by working for a Plan of Action ( POA ). If you succeed in convincing them, you can get back your suspended Amazon account.


If Amazon has rejected your appeal letter a couple of times, you may get your account denied. This still provides you a possibility to submit your revised appeal. However, if your appeal has been rejected several times,  Amazon may restrict your account. It means that it will no longer answer your emails. This leads to a permanent suspension of your Amazon seller account from the platform.

Implementing the right steps after the Amazon account suspension is, thus, crucial. Your one incorrect action can change the fate of your account and your business. Amiwap is a decade-old experienced e-business consulting firm and has professional lawyers, writers, and experts of Amazon Seller Performance. Take services from us and guarantee timely, fast, and right account recovery.

Once your Amazon account is suspended, you can perform the following steps.

  • Find out the Reason Behind Your Suspension

Your action will tell you that the suspension is inauthentic and you have done nothing wrong while selling products on Amazon. While that can be true in a few cases, you require to enter into the procedure with a different mindset.

Detecting the root reason of your suspension. There is something about your operations that Amazon does not admit with. Find it out.

However, finding the cause can be hard. Amazon rarely specifies the clear cause behind the suspension.

  • Take Steps to Fix the Issue

Cooperation is the key here. You do not have other options except to accept your mistake and support Amazon. It is pro-consumer in nature and takes pride in offering good customer service. Follow a similar approach and take steps to deliver loyalty to your clients.

  • Make Modifications to Not Let It Happen Again

Amazon will let you in only if you guarantee their team that you are working on the issue. However, your statement doesn’t hold any value.

Rectify your blunders and make changes to your account. Perform new systems to add accountability.

  • Send an Appeal to the Amazon

Once you have performed the actions you could, it is time to converse with the Amazon team. You need to answer to them. Draft the letter of appeal to enable Amazon to know your actions.

The appeal comprises the reason for your account suspension, actions you have taken, and the steps you will take in the future to not let it happen again.

  • Consult an Amazon Appeal Expert Service

We suggest you not take any action in haste by yourself. Reach out to an Amazon appeal expert service like Amiwap and let them take over the situation. They can not only figure out the cause for your suspension, but recommend you to take further steps, and draft an appeal which has minimal chances to get rejected.


What one should Do When Your Amazon Buyer Account is Suspended?

Amazon is one of the most customer-centric firms. Thus, it feels unreal when Amazon suspends your buyer account. Although, it happens often.

Amazon may suspend your buyer account if you don’t follow its terms and conditions. Few of the major violations are –

  • The information of your Amazon buyer account is partial or incorrect.
  • You are changing your billing and shipping address too many times for random causes.
  • Your location and IP address keep changing often.
  • You are using a hacked or stolen credit card.
  • Your gift card is not verified or has a high volume balance.
  • You are making threatening, defamatory, obscene or fake reviews.
  • If your buyer account is linked to your seller account and you make more than two seller accounts.
  • You are using the device of a user whose seller account has been suspended.
  • You are letting a suspended seller account user use your device to use Amazon

How to reactivate my Amazon Seller Account?

To reactivate your Amazon seller account, consult us to get expert amazon reinstatement services.

If you want to do it yourself, you need to figure out the reason of suspension.

Your main task is to create an appeal letter for Amazon. It must comprise the issue, its solution, your current actions to recover from the issue, and future preventive measures.


How to stop my Amazon Account from being Suspended?

To not be on the radar of Amazon suspension, follow below tips –

  • Upload the correct documents while making an application for a Seller Account.
  • Follow the terms & conditions of Amazon.
  • Do not sell any controversial products.
  • Do not misuse any keywords.
  • Answer to product-quality notifications.


How to appeal an Amazon Account Suspension?


To appeal for a suspended Amazon account, follow the underneath steps –


  • Open the website of Seller Central, choose Performance dropdown, and choose Performance Notifications.
  • Tap on the Appeal button, and then the Appeal decision.
  • Enter the credentials of your Plan of Action in the provided form.

Tap on Submit Appeal. It is up for review by the Amazon expert team now.

For any kind of assistance, simply consult Amazon experts available at amiwap.