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Copyright Infringement

Amazon sellers have to follow certain guidelines when selling on Amazon. They have to follow Amazon’s order fulfillment necessities, register their brand suitably. Similarly, guarantee their products are authentic.

However, if a client comes across copyright infringement, they may file a Report Infringement form. But what is this report, and how does it function? If you’d like to find out, keep reading till the end!

What Is Amazon Seller Copyright Infringement ?

Amazon’s Report Infringement Form is a report sellers or customers can fill out when they come across copyright infringement in an Amazon listing. If a seller or customer sees another seller using their property or trademark, they can fill out the form, and Amazon will work to have the product removed.

Amazon Seller Copyright Infringement

If you’d like to know more about how to report copyright infringement on Amazon, how to secure copyright on Amazon, how to remove a copyright strike and more, keep reading for more techniques and tips!

How To Report Copyright Infringement on Amazon?

In order to report copyright infringement on Amazon, sellers should find the Report Infringement form through Seller Central. Once they’ve found the form, they should do the following.

  1. Decide on whose behalf you are filing the report. Amazon’s report information specifies that either the copyright owner or an agent on behalf of the owner may file such a report.
  2. Subsequently, for the type of infringement, choose “copyright.”
  3. Fill in the forms according to the commands provided. Amazon requests that sellers offer as much detail as possible, and provide links to the product pages featuring the infringement on their copyright.
  4. Enter the ASIN for all versions of the product available.
  5. Check to guarantee you’ve included all the information necessary, and submit the report.

Amazon will basically take 1-3 days to process a Report Infringement form, and once the report is authenticated, Amazon will remove the copyright infringement items to allow sellers to perform their business.

However, if sellers do not obtain an email from Amazon within 3 days, it’s suggested that they re-submit the report. It’s also advised that sellers check to confirm that the product has actually been removed. If the product is still available on the infringers page, it’s suggested that sellers re-file their Infringement report.

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How Do I Protect My Copyright on Amazon?

There are a number of practices which Amazon sellers can implement into their business in order to secure their brand’s copyright. Listed below are few of the main things sellers can do:

Identity Copyright’s Significant to Your Store

When opening a store on Amazon, sellers should initially identify that copyrights in their brand are crucial to the business. Such items could be the creative text, brand logo, apparel designs or any creative work which serves as a clear identifier to their brand.

Register Copyright

Once sellers have an enough idea of which creative items identify their brand, it’s significant that they register the copyright to guarantee they retain full selling rights on their products.

In order to register the copyright, sellers should file a federal application with the Copyright Office in order to have their effective date established.

Sellers should also provide a copy of their application to the copyright office either electronically or by the mail.

However, sellers must note that it usually takes 4 to 5 months for a copyright application to be approved, but it may take more than it depends on the business an Amazon seller specializes in.

Once sellers have had their copyright approved, they will be provided further security against copyright infringement.

What Do I Report as Copyright Infringement on Amazon?

Sellers can report a number of things as a copyright infringement on this platform, and these categories mentioned below:

What Should I Comprise in my Copyright Claim?

When filing a copyright claim, sellers should comprise the following.

All the above information must deliver to the Legal Department. Sellers must note it may take Amazon a few days to approve and validate their claim.


Amazon Report Infringement is a report sellers should fill out when a competing seller is using their copyright unauthorized. In order to fix the situation, sellers should submit the form to Amazon’s copyright office in order to have the listing removed.

Sellers can report the ASIN level, seller level, image or text used without their permission, and Amazon will remove the listing once the report approve and authenticated. Consult Amazon experts at Amiwap to reinstate a suspended account due to Amazon seller copyright infringement.