Amazon Reinstatement Services From Top Class Attorneys

It can be very frustrating to find a suspension notice from Amazon in your Inbox. All your hard work threat because of what may have been a careless mistake. It’s a good thing that there are Amazon Reinstatement Services which can help you out.

Therefore, On top of being the number one platform for eCommerce, Amazon always believes in providing top-class service to its customers. It’s only right for such a lucrative market to create strict policies for their security and for the individuals and businesses within it. Be careful that they will block and suspend accounts that do not follow these policies. However, despite be suspend on Amazon, there is yet a method to reinstate the account.

Reinstating an Amazon suspended account needs coming up with a strategic plan of action and sending an appeal. It’s an excellent thing that there are Amazon suspension experts which can provide their services for Amazon sellers. This guide will discuss how an Amazon reinstatement service helps you and techniques to avoid suspension.

Knowing the Basics

There are millions of Amazon sellers all around the globe. The retail sales even increase to 222.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. With this many sellers coupled with the danger of counterfeit items, the requirement for stricter rules is also higher.

Before we begin, there are a few things you should familiarize yourself with.

If your status suspend, there is yet a possibility for you to sell in the marketplace. We know that whatever steps you take shall influence your store’s future. Hence, creating a clear plan of action is essential. Here at Amiwap, we offer quality Amazon suspension appeal service to get your feet back up.

Amazon Reinstatement Services

What are the Causes for Amazon Account Suspension?

Amazon has its own policies that they strictly follow. Violating or Ignoring any of these policies can lead to account suspension. If you’re not confirm why Amazon suspended your account, these are possible causes.

  1. Ignoring intellectual property rights

It is an infringement claim by a rights owner to an Amazon seller. Amazon notifies the Amazon seller to fix this claim. When the Amazon seller selects to neglect these notifications, Amazon will suspend their account until it fix.

  1. Copyright infringement

Another kind of intellectual property claim is when an Amazon seller uses a text or video owned by somebody else without consent. This type is difficult to fix because you have to talk to the right owner to withdraw the claim.

  1. The use of multiple seller accounts

Based on Amazon’s Prohibited Seller Activities page, “Operating and maintaining multiple Seller Central accounts is not allowed or prohibited. If you have a legal business need for a second account, you can apply for an exception to this policy.” Few sellers require multiple accounts for their businesses. They can notify Amazon about their plan of opening other accounts.

  1. Selling of restricted & prohibited products

Amazon is strict on the sale of restricted as well as prohibited products. If Amazon caught you selling one, you would be informed by Amazon. If you select to ignore their warning, your account will be suspended.

  1. Negative reviews & Low performance rating

We mentioned before that Amazon only wishes the best for its customers. Selling cheap products or products which are different from the listed on the marketplace can result in your account being suspended. Aside from good products, they expect their sellers to provide the best customer service. Thus, seeing consistent negative reviews is a common cause for your account to be suspended.

Advantages of Amazon Reinstatement Services

Sellers should make an effort to plan their next course of action to continue getting the advantages of Amazon. There are a lot of chances when selling on Amazon. You can notice it on the numerous rags to riches stories of many effective sellers.

As one of the best Amazon reinstatement services, amiwap works diligently to help customers get back into selling on Amazon. We create professional solutions to help suspended sellers make an appeal. You don’t have to bother about your plan of action and appeal letter because we can help you in creating one. Primarily, we help remove the burden of appealing to Amazon.

Amazon Reinstatement Services We Provide

“How can Amiwap help me reinstate my account?”

Amiwap’s Suspension Protection Program covers the following areas:

  1. Account creation failure

Do you want to prevent the chances of Amazon rejecting your account? Our team will help you suitably set up your account and listing. We can help you optimize your listing and prevent any copyright issues.

  1. Poor seller performance

Amazon puts an excellent deal on good customer service. Having a bad or poor product rating can get you suspended. This is mostly because of late orders, defects, and cancellations.

  1. Violation of Amazon policies

There are times when sellers have no idea as to what violation they committed. Similarly, a good Amazon reinstatement team will offer a comprehensive review of your account to help identify the reason for your suspension.

  1. Brand security

Hijackers & Counterfeiters are an Amazon seller’s worst nightmare. They steal the Buy Box button below your nose and pose a threat to your store. Our team can set up measures to secure your brand from these sellers.

You don’t have to bother about filing an infringement claim or drafting a cease and desist letter because amiwap is here to help you.

  1. IP Complaints resolution

When Amazon informs you of IP rights infringement, our team of skilled IP lawyers can fix it for you. They will appeal to Amazon and guide you to reinstate the account.

  1. Recovery of damages

When Amazon accuses you of selling counterfeit items when you definitely don’t, our legitimate team can file claims against the brands who accused you. This will assist you reinstate your account and correct the accusation.

Procedure of Requesting for an Appeal

Requesting for an appeal needs four steps. It begins with an assessment, explanation, plan of action, and appeal letter. Our team follows these steps to provide the top quality service to our customers.

Initial Assessment – We will analyze and check your account to know of the violation you committed. Our team will conduct an objective review to decide whether or not the appeal is worth it.

Meeting – During the meeting, our experts will discuss the reason/s for the suspension in full detail. It’s significant that the issue is clearly explained by both parties.

Creating a Plan of Action – There are certain changes which should be made before appealing to Amazon. We will help you create a plan which will work with your business and meet Amazon’s necessities. These changes will show Amazon that you are willing to grow and make amendments to your business.

Writing the Appeal Letter – We will guide you create an Amazon seller account suspended appeal letter. The appeal letter should state the violation you committed and the actions you have taken to fix it.  However, The appeal letter should be concise, clear, and professional. We will be with you until your account is reinstated.


Amazon Reinstatement services are a great solution to your suspension problems. Amiwap will guide you from the beginning and throughout the entire procedure until your account is reinstated. Above all, you can consult us through email or phone. You are truly in the right destination with us.