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Being an Amazon seller can be despiriting at times.

However, It tends to get even more challenging to keep up with the compliance norms while you juggle between client servicing & operational tasks. Therefore, Of all the escalations and warnings, an account suspension email can be the worst nightmare for all.

Even though the cause for your account suspension is well-stated in the email, it is often not so simple to figure out what exactly went wrong. Similarly, To top it all, drafting an effective Amazon appeal letter to get your seller account reinstated can be a hard row to hoe.

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What is an Amazon Appeal Letter?

However, Amazon is a renowned company with strict guidelines and procedures. As an online seller, you may run into a case where you unintentionally violate a clause. This can potentially lead to the suspension of your Amazon account and leave you in sheer wonder.

Amazon provides you a window of opportunity to justify your side of the story and make an appeal for getting your account reinstated. This is where an Amazon appeal letter comes into action.

Below are few of the most common causes why your account can suspend from Amazon selling:

Inconsistent Seller Performance

Performance issues are possibly to translate into amazon account suspensions if they persist for a longer duration. Sometimes positive feedback, delayed deliveries, high cancellation rates, or critical reviews— all tend to contribute to your account suspension.

Your Amazon seller suspension appeal letter must clearly state valid arguments for justifying your performance. It is important for you to devise your action plans based on the identified issues in your selling.

Selling Prohibited Products

Amazon is a credible brand with worldwide popularity. This is one of the causes they have immensely strict guidelines for products.

If you’re found to involve in prohibited items which do not fall under the acceptable products for selling, Amazon is likely to suspend your account.

Policy Violation

Being a customer-friendly brand, Amazon has established set clauses for the entire sellers who want to enhance their business online. Any brand which tends to violate these policies is likely to obtain an account suspension email in no time.

With the help of a successful Amazon seller account suspended appeal template, you can try to reinstate your account by writing to the firm. At times, unintentional policy violations explain to the authorities, that provides you a fair chance to act on them.

Wrong selling tactics

For the entire brands which depend on fake reviews and shortcut sellings, be on the ball because you may soon end up having your Amazon account suspended.

With a big team and smart algorithms, Amazon is quick to spot any suspicious activity which happens from your account. Illegal or wrong activities can also get you banned by the company forever.

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How do I write an Amazon Appeal Letter?

With an active base of 1.5 million sellers, it is practically imfeasible for Amazon teams to swim through the entire appeal letters they obtain on a daily basis. To stand out from the rest of the crowd, you should have a compelling Amazon appeal letter for getting your suspended Amazon account back.

Along with the basic information about your account, there are other aspects which you should consider while drafting your appeal. Few of the most significant considerations for writing an Amazon seller suspension appeal letter comprise:

Amazon Appeal Letter

Format Correctly

Formatting of text is very significant when it comes to your appeal letter. Optimizing for an established Amazon seller account suspended appeal template, it is important to make your letter readable.

Given the count of letters coming in each day, only a few make it to Amazon’s cautious and instant considerations. To confirm that your appeal is one of them, you must structure your letter in a simple and comprehensible way. This allows them to scan through your request instantly.

Clients as Priority

Amazon takes its clients to be the top priority for the brand. Their entire actions driven towards providing their clientele with a perfect experience. This denotes your brand to be equally concerned about the clients and makes you more credible as a business.

With mere mentions like “We aim to serve Amazon customers with top-class deliveries” or “In an attempt to reach the expected targets for our Amazon sellers,”— you can win the trust of Amazon.

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Detailed Explanation

For getting a quick action on your Amazon appeal letter, you should aim to add a detailed explanation of what went wrong from your side and why it was so. Amazon teams are often choked with lots of letters regularly, but if your letter is well-explained, it is highly possible to be faster.

Assuring End

Making a company promise at the end of your letter always goes in your behalf. With a concrete action plan, on-point preventive steps, and justified actions— you can make your Amazon seller suspension appeal letter efficient and appealing.

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Plan of Action before carfting an Amazon Appeal Letter

The plan of action explained in your Amazon appeal letter will either make or break your deal. In addition, Your account reinstate only when the Amazon teams feel your plan to be valid & authentic. Here are few necessary aspects you should keep in mind while drafting your Amazon seller suspension appeal letter:

  1. Take ownership of your blunder and agree to improve.
  2. Recognise what went wrong and how you will rectify it.
  3. Mention the preventive measures you intend to follow from now onwards.
  4. End with a convincing assurance that you will never repeat the error again.
  5. Write your commitment and devotion towards customer servicing.

Things to Comprise in an Amazon Appeal Letter

Off the entire things added in your appeal letter, you should have the following points mentioned clearly:


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