3 Ways To Remove Negative Feedback On Amazon

Do you ever feel like life is dangerously becoming more and more like a horrible episode of Black Mirror: Nosedive? Where everything you do and say is heavily monitored and makes  the entire difference in your socioeconomic status?

People can rate you, write about you, and it can have a huge influence on your seller credibility, sales, and your entire business. The buyers on amazon are very serious and they mean business. They come to purchase with a mission in mind: Get the best deal and with no compromise.

In this ruthless competition of e-commerce, where everybody is fighting tooth and nail to be the best, it is no doubt, very difficult to maintain the perfect image, ratings, and reviews. Particularly when there are thousands of strangers to be satisfied.


A survey shows that nearly 65% of the buyers first check out the reviews and ratings before making any purchase. It goes without saying that, the more (positive) reviews and ratings you have the more possibilities you have of success with your business. 

Consumers are likely to put trust in you of a close friend when they find a flock of fellow buyers affirming your credibility as a good seller. It is significant that you change the relationship from strangers to trustworthy friends. 

What happens when the buyers find the product Or service to be compromised? You obtain scathing reviews and disappointing ratings. Which consequently decreases your conversion rate. 

Negative Or bad reviews on Amazon are no joke for a seller. Your mere presence at Amazon demands your best reputation. You can not just chin up and move on or just ignore negative feedback. Doing so can harm you in several ways:

Initially, since buybox is awarded to those only with stellar seller metrics, positive feedback becomes a necessity among other things. You should win the hearts and trust of your buyers if you want to increase your possibilities of winning the buybox. Amazon has a procedure of calculating a seller’s overall performance. Every time somebody makes a purchase and provides feedback to you, Amazon chalks it up to your buybox score, whether it turns out bad or good.

Say you had a successful sell with no complications and you obtain positive feedback. 100 points (to Gryffindor). Although on the unfortunate case where you do receive some backlash, that is a negative of 500 points from your point total that determines your buybox eligibility.

Secondly, not only your possibilities of getting the buybox slims but you have a much bigger threat to face in lieu of negative feedback. Ocassionally a seller gathers up so much negative credit which can eventually result in account suspension, or worse, removal. 

If amazon detects your order of defect rate (ODR) to be more than 1%, as a result of negative ratings and reviews, Amazon will revoke your selling privileges. 


Do not worry! 

Sometimes you make someone unhappy, and as much as your situation presents itself dire, you can always make reparations. Getting negative feedback is a very common situation to be in for an online seller. You just need to know how to handle such a situation and be able to bounce back to your feet. 

Do not worry! 

Ocassionally you make someone unhappy, and as much as your situation presents itself dire, you can always make reparations. Receiving negative feedback is a very common situation to be in for an online seller. You simply need to know how to handle such a situation and be able to bounce back to your feet. 

You should be asking yourself, ‘Can I delete negative reviews on Amazon?’

There are times when you actually deserve such feedback, but also when you are free of any fault, but still obtain the heat nonetheless. It may feel unjust and wrong but that is supposed from online business. Nothing that cannot be resolved. There are methods to remove both kinds of negative feedback. Question is, what to do with the negative feedback on Amazon? 

Here are various steps to consider.

1) You can request removal if the feedback is violating Amazon guidelines.

The first thing you require to check is, is it even following the amazon guidelines or not before worrying and taking any further action. In the lucky case, the buyer has indeed broken Amazon Feedback rules, consult the authority (Amazon) and have it removed as soon as possible.

  • Product Reviews: Ocassionally, it just so happens that unsatisfied buyers make the error of leaving product reviews in the seller feedback section which has actually nothing to do with your service at all.

If a buyer has purchased a product from an FBA seller, the seller is not liablle for the shipping delay, any damages to the product bought and the customer service. Although if the review is a combination of seller & product review, Amazon will not remove it.

All of these services mentioned above fall below the purview of  Amazon FBA and does not concern the FBA seller. An easy way to resolve this issue is to contact Amazon, explain the issue at hand and file a request for removal. 

Although this condition applies to only FBA sellers, non-FBA sellers should face the music and act accordingly, which I will get to in the next steps.

  • Promotional material: A review counts ineligible and can be removed upon a request to Amazon Seller Central if a consumer has leave any promotional content in the feedback section.
  • Foul Language:  Abusive & obscene language is prohibited and can also be removed.
  • Personal Information: Ocassionally consumers leave out personal details on the feedback section and such reviews too can be asked to remove.

Step 1: Just access your Amazon seller account. 

Step 2: Subsequently, visit the Amazon Seller Central page and select the tab ‘Performance’ between ‘Reports’ and ‘AppStore’. 

Step 3: Now scroll down to ‘Recent Feedback’

Step 4: Find the negative feedback you would want to remove.

Step 5: Look for ‘Action’ on the right, adjacent to the relevant order ID and tap on the drop-down menu.

Step 6: Choose ‘Request Removal’

Step 7: Affirm that the feedback you obtained is indeed violating guidelines so Amazon can decide its removal.

Step 8: Enter your reasons why you think Amazon must remove the feedback in question. Submit when done.

Keep it neat, short and simple. Noone likes to wade through a river of complaints and whining. 

Any of the above misstatements can be used as a cause for feedback removal. Then you can sit back and wait patiently for Amazon to asses the situation and determine if your complaint about negative feedback qualifies for removal or not.

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