About Us

About Us

With the most powerful and distinct combination of Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Services, we at Amiwap deliver happiness to our worldwide brothers and sisters who want to sell online or are already selling online About Us.

We make the online selling journey very easy for You. Therefor, we are a team of professional ecommerce service providers and digital marketing experts having several years of experience.

We understand the seller’s vision and hard work towards the product they choose and arrange to sell online. It’s hard to manage everything and hence our company has taken birth to fix your problems and take your products and your hard work in the right way.

Let us take care of all the hurdles and professional hard work coming your way to becoming a successful seller on an online platform. With our vast experience and market strategies, we will help you update from Online Seller to Known Brand.

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About Us:-Highly knowledgeable & Experience eCommerce Experts

We began Amazon Sellers Attorney after our own Amazon Seller Account had been wrongfully suspended.  Our Amazon consultants  & lawyers know how to write winning Amazon appeals and plans of action to reinstate Amazon seller accounts and ASINs and now offer our proficiency to you.

​Even though we are closely supervised by an Amazon attorney, we provide you a reasonable, low price on a custom-tailored Amazon appeal POA with the added bonus that our Amazon Seller Lawyers craft and edit your Plan.  With infinite revisions, escalations, and 24 hour Seller Support, you get more than you can get from any other Amazon Suspension Lawyer.

Why to Choose Amiwap:

  1. We make genuine assurance.
  2.  Hear, learn, and work to improve ourselves.
  3. We always guarantee an Eco-friendly working model for our customers and us and work with integrity and fairness.
  4. Our victory is in our client’s victory.
  5. Over the decades we have provided satisfactory results to more than 200 clients.
  6. We have been an expert Ecommerce Consultant Company from past 5 years.
  7. Our team is knowledgeable and trained in the field of ecommerce platforms. WE guarantee a thorough training to our employees for better results.
  8. 100% Refund Guarantee if seller Account not Reinstated.

Please feel free to consult us to hire us as your e-commerce partners. We offer our services all around India, United States (US), Singapore, and Europe. If your country is not mentioned, please consult us, we’ll get back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q) My Amazon seller account has suspend. Can you provide a free evaluation?


  1. Definitely yes! The initial step. We investigate your seller account and performance to intricate levels so that we can provide you the most suitable advice.


  1. Q) Will my Amazon seller account reinstate for sure?


  1. As a partner, we will offer you with the best analysis service and an appeal for your Amazon account, but regrettably, because of the nature of the business and industry, we cannot manipulate the outcome from Amazon’s end.


  1. Q) What if my Amazon account is not reinstated?


  1. If you follow our instructions and do not implement any changes in the appeal documents, we guarantee you a money-back guarantee depending on the case and your account status. The Amazon appeals procedure can go up to 15 rejections. We value our time as well as your time, if we think the account can’t reinstate, we will stop working on the case and issue you a complete refund. It will be our decision when to end the case.