About Finance

About Finance

What is Finance ?

Finance is the word about which it is necessary for every person to know most. The use of finance is very necessary for business transactions and conduct of business activities and conduct of economic activities. It is present everywhere for its utility.

It is very important for everyone to have more knowledge about finance, but it is also necessary that he conducts these activities for use in his lifetime, so this information should be especially for the students..

Finance is the capital that runs any company or business smoothly, from which all the needs of the company and business are met. That is, if a person starts a new company or business, then he performs all the obligations of the company through which the economic activities of the company operate. That is, for the fulfillment of such obligations of the company which are obligatory, the owner of the company invests the necessary capital in the company, which is called finance.

Types of Finance

Although finance has been divided into many parts, but on the basis of the modern era, finance is divided into 3 main parts.

  1. Personal finance
  2. Corporate finance
  3. Public finance

Personal Finance:

Under this, the finance is taken which the person collects for his family or uses it personally. Encourages savings.

Hence it is also called private finance. It is the responsibility of the head of the family which is collected through the head. It remains like a budget, which is taken as per the requirement.

 Corporate Finance: 

This finance is used in big companies, that is, this finance is used in the form of capital in big companies, due to which the work of capital formation, that is, capital structure, is done, this finance is brought into work through big capitalists. The capital that is created through this is divided by the company into its small parts, which are called shares. These shares promote corporate finance.

The functions of corporate finance range from capital appropriation to banking appropriation.

Public Finance:

Such finance, which manages its income and expenditure in the assessment of the government and can be kept through the government or under the supervision of the government, is called public finance, it is also called public finance. It is collected by the government through revenue and other public means, it is collected for all public works, whose evaluation is done through the government.

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